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Documentation feature bug

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  • Documentation feature bug

    Hi Jatin,

    When I use the Manual menu builder to pick a documentation category, it comes up with the URL

    However when I click on the various sections within this category, the URL changes completely which seems unnecessary.

    For reasons I cannot explain, the page looks correct for the first link, but when you refresh on the second link, it is wrong.

    Can you explain how I can stop the URL jumping, and how I can make the second link look visually link the first (see attached)?


    My settings
    Manual Options > Documentation > Documentation Single Post (Slug Name) = documentation
    Manual Options > Documentation > ​Documentation Category (Slug Name) = doc

    Appearance > Menu > I have built the 'Our work' menu using the following process:
    - Our work = Custom link = #
    - NCL Joint Formulary = Custom link = external link
    - Medicine Pathways and Guideline = Documentation category > Medicines Pathways and Guidelines
    - Position statements = Documentation category > Position statements
    - Shared care and fact sheets = Documentation category > Shared care and fact sheets
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    Hi Andrew,

    Let me explain the case...

    The slug name for the documentation category and documentation single records are always different in your case slug name "doc" represents the category and slug name "documentation" represents documentation single records.

    NOTE: It is not possible to provide same slug name for the both category and the single records.

    1. So.. when you hit the URL ( ) the system points specific documentation category (in your case it display category "pathways") and display all records related to the category.

    NOTE: The default loading i.e while calling the category page, the system always display the one single post by default via ajax call.

    2. When you hit any records listed on the left side the system detects the single page calling.. and display the complete URL i.e ( of the address url.

    (NOTE: This will help your search engine like google to find your post... thanks to our few clients who had provided the modification code making possible to display complete url on the address bar at the time of loading the page via ajax).

    So it is not the bug.
    Last edited by Jabin Kadel; 08-03-2017, 02:44 PM.
    Best Regards,

    Jabin Kadel
    Founder & CEO


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      OK, thanks for explaining this is intentional.

      In which case, how do I make it so the pages looks the same? It cannot be that and looks completely different (see image attached).



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        Please wait for our new version 3.0, the new version is going to be something unique i.e revamp of manual theme... with much more advance feature and capable to change each and every section of the theme dynamically.

        Best Regards,

        Jabin Kadel
        Founder & CEO